Book Review: The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo book 2) by Rick Riordan

Continuing the adventure of Apollo- the sun god who was turned into a human Lester Papadopoulos by his father Zeus, the god of the sky, this is the second installment in the series The Trials of  Apollo. 

Along with Leo Valdez -one of the seven great demigods and Calypso- an immortal Titan stuck in an island for centuries, they undertake a journey to find Meg. Meg is the daughter of Demeter who gets more and more powerful.

Lester dreams about the place Indianapolis which lands the three; Leo, Calypso and Lester himself on top of Leo’s trusty dragon Festus in the polite company of Blemmyae (I’m sure you guys will love their politeness and write haiku about them)

As usual Rick’s wit is incomparable. I sometimes think Rick only writes when he is high like half of the time you just sit there and think how the hell did he came up with that. I believe if someone asks him that, he pulls his poker face and replies – “Yeah buddy high on life”

All in all it was an epic read. As usual Lester was exceptionally whiny which I personally love reading.

We get to know more about the darker side of Apollo.

I was hoping for a glimpse of Percy Jackson which to my dissapointment didn’t happen. But with Leo Valdez the sass was legendary not to forget Apollo can hold his own ground too.

The third installment in the series is going to be released in 2018 titled The Burning Maze.

I’m so excited. We will get to read about the satyr we were long since waiting to appear, Grover Underwood. Also Jason Grace, Piper McLean and Frank Zhang will be a part of Apollo and Meg’s adveture to restore the third oracle and save Camp Jupiter all in five days.

I can hardly wait.

PS: The second oracle the Cave of Trophonius gets blown up


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